Simply Sunday (#3)


sim  plee suhn  dey (n): a reading meme hosted by Books for a Delicate Eternity that features a quote from a book, poem, song, movie, etc.

The bravery was in moving forward, no matter what.

—Lauren Oliver, Panic

It’s a rare occurrence for me to be up to see the sun rising and reading a book. Panic was my first Lauren Oliver book, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Though it has been a while since then, and I don’t recall which quotes actually resonated with me. (I’d have to go through the archives for that.)

Anyhow, I picked this one because there are so many things that we face in our day to day lives that require bravery of some kind. Job applications, talent shows, presentations… Name it, and unless you have some hidden talent to keep your cool and confidence, you’ll need encouragement from someone who isn’t you.

Often times, we find ourselves with a lack of something, but we turn to the people around us. Other people can help us feel brave in the face of fear. Isn’t that why we have friends?

What do you think of this Simply Sunday? What are your most loved quotes?


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